DD Stick and InstaBright: Frontrow New Ultimate Skin Care Products

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Find everything you need in one Dynamic Stick that combines the amazing powers of a BB and CC Cream.

Introducing the award-winning Most Advanced Skin Care Products [today] Luxxe White Reveal Dynamic DUO BB + CC HYBRID STICK SPF50 PA+++

May it be moisture, sun protection, skin clarity or smooth and long-wearing coverage that you’re looking for…

FRONTROW’s DD Stick has got you covered!

The first ever lightweight yet buildable skin care product in the local market, combining the extraordinary benefits of a BB and CC cream, is finally here!

FRONTROW’s Dynamic Duo is an instant Korean skin solution that allows you to indulge in the 8 amazing powers from the patented Korean Smart White Technology:

8 in 1 BB Cream + CC Cream Benefits

  1. Brightens Skin
  2. Leaves you with a Lightweight feel
  3. Comes with a Built-In Core Essence
  4. Hydrates Skin (Acts as a Moisturizer)
  5. Minimizes Pores
  6. Comes with a Built-In Full Spectrum Sunscreen (SPF 50)
  7. Acts as a Primer
  8. Acts as a Concealer/ Foundation
  • An 8-in-1, full spectrum, smooth finish, and skin perfecting stick for the FACE. 
  • The “Smart White” essence in the core of the stick provides essential skin vitamins that promote Skin Whitening,       Moisture and Clarity from breakouts.
  • Adapts with your own body temperature for a dewy and natural finish, as well as long-lasting wear.
  • Intended for MEN and WOMEN (and everyone IN BETWEEN).
  • Made for ALL Skin Types.
  • Comes in FOUR different shades.
  • Comes with a detachable and WASHABLE hyperfine brush for easy blending and application.


  • Metallic finish cap serves as a mirror.
  • You can Highlight and Contour your face by layering and mixing two DD stick shades.

Frontrow's DD Stick Review and Demo | Michelle Bea Paloma

Achieve clean and amazingly clear skin with the superb Dynamic Dou Stick... An 8 in 1, full spectrum, smooth finish and skin perfecting stick that allows you to achieve maximum skin care benefits from BB Creams + CC Creams.

DD CREAM by Front Row (Product Review + Initial Thoughts) | Nicole Andersson

The finest ingredients were meticulously combined to precisely adapt with your own body temperature for a dewy and natural finish, as well as long wearing lastability.

This instant solution also provides an intense SPF 50 sun protection.

Convenience is at the peak of this highly innovative product which comes with a detachable 0.5mm Hyper-fine Brush to help conceal flaws and leave you with a lightweight feel.

*Use delay for a visibly clearer complexion.


Twist. Apply. Spread.

Benzophenone Free, Cruelty-Free, Mineral Oil Free, Paraben Free, GMO-Free, Artificial Fragrance-Free, Petrolatum Free

For External Use Only:

Avoid Contact with Eyes. In Case of Contact, Wash Eyes with Water.

Dermatology Tested. For All Skin Types. Tested on Asian Skin.

Reveal your WHITEST White… SOON!!!

All products are Approved by:

FDA Philippines, FDA Korea, FDA Singapore, FDA Dubai, and FDA Abu Dhabi

Made in Korea

Korean Inspired Makeup for Morenas | Laureen Uy




Now it's time to Achieve Brightness in an Instant with Luxxe White Reveal: InstaBright Body Creme SPF 25 UVA/UVB 150ml

InstaBright Body Creme is the ultimate solution to instant glowing and radiant skin with the aim to boost well-being and confidence of every consumer. 

This moisturizing creme provides skin care benefits which are on pair with Korean Beauty standards. 

Continues use will show progressive brightening results. 

Made more effective with the 8 core benefits of the patented Smart White Technology.

InstaBright also comes in an innovative airless bottle technology to keep it’s features and benefits pure and intact for a longer period of time. 

FRONTROW’s luxurious and ultra hydrating formula from Korea was specially designed for you to Reveal Your Whitest White. 

Hold The Key To Your Most Radiant Glow

Who said that having fair skin is enough?

In order to be sexy, skin must also be protected and well nourished!

Thanks to FRONTROW’s new line of SKIN PERFECTING products that deliver INSTANT results, you can now hold the key to your MOST RADIANT GLOW.

Ellen Adarna Luxxe White Reveal INSTABRIGHT Body Creme SPF 25

“For brightness in an instant, I use Instabright.”

- Ellen Adarna

She looks like an angel, but is as fierce as a fox… Ellen Adarna, social media Goddess and television personality, is best known for her sexy body and flawless appearance.

A boxing and yoga enthusiast, Ellen stays on top of her game by constantly breaking a sweat.

This fun-loving vixen has also proven her on-screen abilities by starring at ABS-CBN’s Pasion de Amor, Langit Lupa, and Wansapanatym’s ‘Amazing Ving’.



Ellen flaunts sexy, white, well-nourished skin, and an even skin tone, through regular use of FRONTROW’s NEW ultra hydrating Instabright Body Crème. 



For a whiter and more youthful glow in an INSTANT, FRONTROW introduces a luxurious and ultra hydrating Instant Whitening Body Crème that will leave you with a light and silky feel.

LUXXE White Reveal’s Instabright allows you to indulge in the 8 core benefits of the patented Korean Smart White Technology:

  1. Provides Instant Radiance
  2. Promotes Progressive Brightening after each application
  3. Lightens Dark Spots
  4. Diminishes Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  5. Hydrates & Nourishes Skin
  6. Skin Firming
  7. Provides Full Spectrum Sun Protection, UVA/UVB (SPF 25)
  8. Formula complies with Korean Whitening Standards
  • Infused with Glutathione.
  • Imbued with 18 potent anti-oxidants of utmost potency. 
  • Daily Use will result in Dramatic Skin Brightening.
  • Contains micro exfoliants which remove dry and dull skin (dead skin cells).
  • Resolves uneven skin tone.
  • Lightens dark areas of skin such as knees and elbows.
  • For MEN and WOMEN (and everyone IN BETWEEN).
  • Made for All Skin Types.
  • Tested on Asian Skin/ Dermatologically Tested.

Reveal your WHITEST White… SOON!!!

All products are Approved by:

FDA Philippines, FDA Korea, FDA Singapore, FDA Dubai and FDA Abu Dhabi

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