14 Tips from Dr. Sonny Villanueva of ABS-CBN Salamat Dok

Frontrow Products knowledge from Dr. Sonny Villanueva of ABS-CBN Salamat Dok.

14 Tips of Frontrow Products

  1. 3x a day of Luxxe protect mas mabilis liliit ang goiter
  2. For allergies, mas recommended ang Luxxe renew.
  3. Sa mga taong anemic, pwede ang Luxxe Renew.
  4. For girls na may breast cancer pwede magtake ng Luxxe Renew para makatulong lumiit
  5. Those with eye problems pwede mag Luxxe renew.
  6. Luxxe renew helps regenerate red blood cells.
  7. Pwede sa may hika ang Luxxe slim, mas recommended pa din ang Luxxe renew.
  8. Pag may Hemorrhoid pwede mag take ng Luxxe protect.
  9. Luxxe protect pwede idirect sa wounds yung oil---perfect sa mga open wounds para mag heal faster.
  10. Pwede sa may butas sa puso ang Luxxe white, mas okay kung may Luxxe protect
  11. Normal magka-pimples ng marami pag nagtake ng Luxxe white because of the part ng detox process.
  12. Recommended ang oral gluta kesa IV because sa IV it may lead to infection
  13. Vitamin C coats cancer cells to prevent regenerating.
  14. To those with heart problems and hypertension, pwede ang Luxxe protect

Health is wealth...Prevention is better than cure!!! Hi, I'm Dr. Sonny Villanueva a retainer physician of 4 big companies in Metro Manila.

Most of the time, I'm on a graveyard shift and working for 72-80 hours in a week.

Toxic,di ba? Luckily, with the help of Luxxe products specifically, Luxxe Renew (a mixture of 8 powerful berries in one mega capsule) I'm still in good health.
No maintenance medicines at all!

So thankful that I tried FRONTROW products!!


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    I undertook kidney stones shockwave in 2018. Sometime, calcifications occurred but disappeared due to water therapy.

    May i take Luxx Renew Berry like twice only in a week? Thank you.

    Jonathan Javier July 19, 2020

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